ThermGen®: Phase 1

ThermGen®: Phase 2

ThermOx Final Emission Processing

Additional Design Options

Additional designs include adapting the burner systems to use dedicated fuels such as landfill gas to start the thermal process. Solar power options for both heat and electricity allow ThermGen® to be placed in remote off grid locations.

This makes the ThermGen® / Thermal Oxidizer combination an ideal application at landfills, solar farms, and islands where there is no natural gas and solar energy is available.

Gas emission, odors, and limited ability to add more fill means the landfill needs to lower regulated emissions which the TO unit does, as well as the TG unit’s ability to process waste with unique revenue opportunities. Additional services ThermGen® will allow a landfill to remediate will bring additional revenues.

Examples are: Tires, Astro Turf, Ag Plastics, and other shredible controlled waste streams.

Please contact us for your unique requirements, which can be submitted on the customer questionnaire form.


Unit Sizes

  • 500 lb./ hr. up to 2,000 lb./ hour
  • TG units can be arrayed in series for larger per hour volumes.
  • Can be custom designed for in line attachment at facilities where waste generation and intermediates occur.
  • The above numbers are nominal processing volumes per hour. The amount varies dependent on the waste profile, moisture content, BTU value, and related parameters.
  • CoreTech has the ability to provide a batch processing ThermGen® unit for a variety of materials requiring special handling a continuous system is not suitable for. This would apply to certain gaseous materials where a completely secure enclosed system is required.