Our Solutions To Pollution

ThermGen® provides complete remediation of chemically polluted soils where the area has well defined hot spots that require full remediation through thermal treatment. ThermGen® fully removes chemical pollutants, as in the case of PCBs and similar contaminants, and avoids the need for costly hazardous landflling these toxic soils by removing the offending compounds through thermal treatment.


ThermOx equipment is designed to fully remediate emissions from large generators, emissions from industrial equipment, and related ICE (internal combustion engines) where pollution results.  The end profile after treatment is fully compliant air quality. Applicable to pipeline flares, chemical processing outgassing, odor control, and petrochemical refinery emissions.


By fully remediating toxic waste using compliant thermal treatment, ThermGen® treats waste at the source where generated and prevents dumping into water supplies whether surface or ground table aquifers. This is especially valuable where chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and drug  intermediate materials must be kept from the water supplies and oceans.



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