The issue of PFAS reflects long standing issues where needed functionality exists for key use cases, such as firefighting foams, and is daily used to immediately put industrial, Naval, and building fires out quickly. Unfortunately, the result after the fire is out, has been shown to not be safe for the environment, specifically the runoff water and residue in the soil. 

This purpose of the PFAS family of compounds, their long-lasting heat stable nature, came with biodegradable stable nature also. This has been shown to have health effects, as our bodies cannot break it down.

The PFAS and related compounds require temperatures over 1,800 degrees to destroy. ThermGen® employs a special chamber that is non-reactive to the resulting breakdown elements. In summary, ThermGen® is designed to reach these temperatures and can do so in a chamber specially designed for this waste profile.


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According to the American Red Cross, “the blood of the average American has 4,300 parts per trillion, or ppt, of PFOS and 1,100 ppt of PFOA.”