Metropolitan Applications

As in islands, many large cities have scarce land available nearby for landfills, plus the “No Landfill” mandate is increasing globally now that we have technology to provide complete waste destruction. There is significant remaining post recycling materials that go to landfills that could be completely remediated in these large metropolitan areas in a similar neighborhood model.

ThermGen®️ on a larger scale can be used for local neighborhood waste processing to minimize the total landfill use as well as provide on demand and backup energy for those neighborhoods.

The design and construction of ThermGen®️ is to handle HazMat and added value waste streams requiring significant control systems and special materials given the profile of these wastes. The same basic design with modifications can be adapted to high volume municipal waste applications as required, and when the optional steam generation component is added the overall value of this integrated waste to energy approach is made available in a practical scalable on site manner.

NYC where there is increasing costs to collect, process, transport, and landfill the city’s waste is an ideal metropolitan area ThermGen®️ applies.

Being Green in the Big Apple – It’s Time – ThermGen®️ is Ready!