Island Communities

One of the original applications of ThermGen®️ was for island communities with limited landfill capacity. The expenses for collecting, processing, and landfilling waste in these environments are a perfect case study for ThermGen®️’s on site application, especially for an island such as Maui.

The population centers on Maui are separated by large distances requiring a fleet of waste vehicles hauling to a central location for recycling and processing for landfills. In the case of Maui, placing ThermGen®️ units in those population centers would enable those local communities to have their household and commercial waste, biomass, and possibly additional waste streams remediated locally and avoid the cost of processing and hauling to landfills which are ever diminishing in capacity.

Additionally with a low maintenance steam generator added each of these ThermGen®️ units could create energy from the waste processed, which could be used on demand real time or optionally stored using efficient new battery technology as a local neighborhood emergency reserve.

In the case of Maui ThermGen®️ units could be placed in Central Maui in Wailuku, the main civic center area, Kaanapali where there is a large population of tourists and local population, South Maui in the Kihei/Wailea tourist and local population area, and Upcountry for that community. Hana could support a smaller ThermGen®️ unit as well for that section of the island.

CoreTech is in active discussion for placement of ThermGen®️ units in Haiti for it’s stored materials from recent devastating earthquakes and other damaging events, as well as neighboring DR for it’s active tourism requirements to keep that region waste free.

The same model applies to any island where land is scarce and the dumping of waste in the surrounding Ocean is prohibited, which applies to any and all islands and countries, which unfortunately until ThermGen®️ or other waste processing units are installed will continue minimally abated.

It is time to clean up the many locations waiting for the on site solution ThermGen®️ provides, and build an infrastructure that will provide safe efficient environments ongoing.