Co-venture Opportunities

Industry service providers for equipment, facilities, and operations are a normal part of day-to-day industrial operations; including collecting and hauling the waste streams from production.

CoreTech now provides the key equipment, technology, online monitoring, and operation infrastructure for on-site operations and cost savings for those special waste streams requiring destruction at the point of origin.

To address the global need for distributed waste destruction across multiple sectors and categories we have divided the market into four main categories:

  1. Chemical, including oil and gas, specialty products, and related industries such as paints, solvents, insecticides, etc. requiring total destruction
  2. Manufacturing, including plastics, coatings, by products, and related waste streams.
  3. Pharmaceutical, including APIs, by products, end products requiring destruction, seized contraband, illegal substances, laboratory components, and related waste streams that cannot be landfilled.
  4. Miscellaneous categories where products must be destroyed, including retail products, recalls, end of cycle items, seized goods, biohazards, military weapons, and multiple other items requiring complete remediation and destruction.

When placed at the aggregator’s location, the aggregator will essentially be the waste generator in this business model, thus allowing CoreTech the ability to save the aggregator a large portion of the destruction fees they are paying out, by far the main cost in the waste cycle.