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Applications include in line installation at chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, warehouses and companies creating, storing, and receiving items requiring full remediation/destruction, and facilities mandating a No Landfill policy – The Incineration Alternative. ThermGen® The Next Generation of Waste Processing. Designed for Chemical and Hazmat related waste requiring full remediation.

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Special Applications

THE CURRENT NEED FOR THE THERMGEN SOLUTION Can be Placed Where Waste is Created or Stored…

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ThermGen® Photos

This shows the This shows the ThermGen® support skid for Transport and site placement. This view…

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Waste Generators & Aggregators

ThermGen® Waste Generators ThermGen® Aggregators

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Design Options

Design Option for WTE. The single ThermGen® units produce adequate heat to drive a moderately sized Steam Genset, producing from 1/2 to 1 Megawatt based on volumes of waste, BTU profile of the waste, and related operating conditions. There are options for assembling a series of ThermGen® units which allow for greater volumes of waste processing as well as increased Megawatts output. Solar Heating & Power solutions available for islands and remote locations.

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